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Reiji Akiyama
Name Reiji Akiyama
Kanji 秋山禮二
Rōmaji Reiji Akiyama
Status Alive
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Occupations Fire Fighter
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Voice Actor Rikiya Koyama
First Appearance Chapter 15
Episode 8
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Reiji Akiyama (秋山禮二, Reiji Akiyama) is an Ajin that turned down Satō's offer. He is captured by Satō but is later freed by Kō Nakano



Akiyama has a strong sense of duty and a high level of concern for the wellbeing of others. He is in many ways similar to Kō Nakano in this respect and is as one point described as being a "jock". He is brave, announcing that he will stop Sato's plans in their first encounter, and is also mentally strong enough to return to his senses and normal thinking after he had been locked in a barrel for around 5 weeks.


He stated to be a fireman with a wife and a daughter.


Akiyama was one of the Ajin who attended Sato's gathering, along with Ko. He is skeptical from the beginning due to the location that Sato arranged for everyone to meet, and tells Ko that it is not a good place for a child to be. He is later horrified upon hearing Sato's plans to carry out a massacre and announces that he will not let him go through with such a plan. When he is about to leave, Tanaka fires a tranquilizer dart at him but Ko kicks him out the way just in time. The two of them begin to run away while some of the other Ajin are shot and caught. Akiyama then tells Ko that he needs to jump off the building annd get away because there needs to be someone who can stop Sato's plan. Ko is able to get away, but Akiyama is caught. He then has a brief conversation with Tanaka where he explains that using violence will not improve the public's opinion on Ajin, but will instead make things harder for them to live in peace.He is then confined in a barrel with the other Ajin.

Ko comes to Akiyama's rescue after Tanaka (who just joined their side) gave him the location of where he was being confined. Even after enduring such torture, Akiyama is able to recover quite quickly once freed, and joins Ko in their current plans of taking Sato down. Under Kei's orders, they get in a car together and drive to one of the possible location's of where Sato's arm may be being kept. Akiyama sees Tanaka through their video call, but does not bear any feelings of resentment towards him.

Ko and Akiyama arrive at one of the coordinates and Akiyama engages in battle with one of the Ajin who was recently recruited by Okuyama to join Sato's force. The other Ajin sets the room on fire to activate the sprinklers, so that neither of them can use their IBM, and brandishes a tranquilizer gun. Cleverly, Akiyama uses a piece of cardboard as a makeshift umbrella to shelter he and his IBM, and they charge at the other Ajin and take him out.

Kei then tells Akiyama and the others about his plan to confine Sato underground, and asks the Ko and Akiyama duo to find a whole the right size to put his arm in. They search for some time until Ko realises they can use utility poles. Once the Anti-demis secure the arm, Kei asks Akiyama to send his IBM to retrieve it. He does, and then brings explosives to blow up the utility hole with him as well. They make it in time and Ko puts the arm through the hole. Akiyama, in person, catches up to where Ko is too. However, after Sato does not revive for some time, they all learn that their plan has failed and Sato aborted his plan because he got bored.

Abilities And Powers[]

  • Immortality - like all Ajins, Reiji is immortal.
  • IBM / Black Ghost - he was seen having good control of his IBM and it obeys his orders. It has a regular shape head with multiple spikes on the top of his head.
  • Paralysis Scream - It is assumed that Reiji can also use a Paralysis Scream since he's an Ajin but this has never been demonstrated in the series yet


Ko Nakano[]

They first meet at Sato's gathering where Akiyama shows concern for him being a child in a dangerous place, then helps him escape when they are being chased. He tells Ko that he must bring a stop to Sato's plans. Ko takes his words strongly to heart, and Akiyama greatly increases his motivation to stop Sato. When Ko first teamed up with Kei and was told they needed an ally, he had gone back for Akiyama, but at the time he had been moved to a different location. Ko goes back for him when Tanaka informs him of Akiyama's current location, and they work together since then. They have similar morals and personalities.

Kei Nagai[]

They have never met in person, and Kei did not even know his name till he teamed up with Ko recently. However, Kei used his knowledge of him in a bluff he once told Tosaki, that if Tosaki was to doublecross him, he had a fireman Ajin friend who would kill Tosaki's fiance.

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