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Satō's Group is a terror group led by Satō with the aim of achieving the rights for Ajin. Satō found the organization after his failure in recruiting Kei Nagai.


Right after Kei Nagai escapes, Satō reveals himself as an Ajin to the media, and that the government has been violently abused Ajin for experiment. Satō told that he would demonstrate and protest, telling a wrong meeting point. Through the IBM, Tanaka told them the true meeting point. However, a few of Ajin, such as Takeshi Kotobuki decided not to come. Upon revealing his plan, those who oppose Satō's idea were isolated, though they are ultimately freed.


First Wave[]

vs. Special Assault Team[]

The first plan is dubbed as the First Wave (第一ウェーブ, Daichi Wēbu). With the help of three new members, Satō decides to devastate the Grant Pharmaceuticals. Though he faced off against the SAT, Satō ultimately wins due to his underlings' assistance.

Second Wave[]

vs. Anti-Ajin Special Force[]

The second plan is dubbed as the Second Wave (第二ウェーブ, Daini Wēbu). Via broadcast, Satō announces that they will assasinate 15 people who are considered to be involved behind the conspiracy against Ajin. After killing the last target, the president of Musashi Heavy Industries, a few of its members began to doubt Satō. They also faced off against the Anti-Ajin Special Force during their attempts to kill Mitsuyoshi Hashiguchi.


Below is a list of 15 people targeted by Satō and his underlings. This list is dubbed as the Assassination List (暗殺リスト, Ansatsu Risuto). This list is also published on their website.

  1. Hiroaki Wakai
  2. Kazuo Sakurai
  3. Yuuji Kishi
  4. Keita Iwakai
  5. Kai Keiichi
  6. Li Naomi
  7. Ryoichi Tadokoro
  8. Endou Kousaku
  9. Shokui Yutani
  10. Makoto Ritori
  11. James Campbell
  12. Yoshinobu Takagi
  13. Makoto Kashiwagi
  14. Yuuwa Tokui
  15. Mitsuyoshi Hashiguchi

Third Wave[]

vs. Japan Self-Defense Force[]

Satō's group then invade the Japan Self-Defense Force's base and sets up missile launchers. Satō demands once more to give him the control over Japan. The government gives their response, they offer some uninhabited islands in Japan for Ajin. However, an angered Satō refuses since he wants to fully control Japan. As a result of Satō keeps insisting to fight against the government, the US Government offers assistance to fight Satō. All of the members eventually realize that Satō does not care about the rights for Ajin, and that he is just playing around. Except Tanaka, they then decide to leave and join forces with Kei Nagai and Yū Tosaki to stop him.

Notable Members[]