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Shinya Nakamura
Name Shinya Nakamura
Kanji 中村 慎也
Rōmaji Nakamura Shin’ya
Status Alive
Age Late teens to early 20's (Presumed)
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Blue (Manga)

Red-brown (Anime)

Occupations College student (Former)
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Voice Actor Yūki Kaji
First Appearance Chapter 0 (Manga)

Ajin OVA (Anime)

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Shinya Nakamura (中村 慎也, Nakamura Shin’ya) is an Ajin whose story is told in Chapter 0.


Shinya is of average height for someone his age, with a skinny frame. He has medium length brown-orange hair with bangs that fall to the middle of his forehead. In the manga, his eyes are dark purple; whereas in the anime they are a dark red-brown color. During his first death he was seen wearing a pink sweater and gray jeans. He later switches to a hoodie to conceal his face.


Shinya is very level-headed and intelligent and tries to keep as calm as possible in stressful situations; for instance, when he discovered he was an Ajin and had to get rid of the evidence. However, at the thought of being constantly experimented on, he was unable to control some of his emotions; which resulted in him almost confessing to Yūsuke about being an Ajin, leaving his friend confused. He also might have lost the sense of who he really is, stating that "he hasn't been himself for a long time".
In the anime, it was shown that he has a habit of skipping classes and having to get notes from Yūsuke afterwards. He also feels bad after having to lie to him about a cold.


He discovered he was an Ajin after a motorcycle accident in which he revived for the first time. Since it was a rainy night and there were no witnesses of the accident, he thought he would be able to erase all traces of the accident by making it look as if the motorcycle was illegally dumped, however, he didn't know what to do with his severed arm that had regenerated.
As he was trying to get rid of the severed arm, while struggling with his identity as an Ajin and the fear of being discovered, he came across his Black Ghost and almost was run by a car but was rescued by his friend Yūsuke.
They stopped to talk under a bridge and as he was about to tell Yūsuke that he was an Ajin, they were found by a group from the Demi-Human control commission, who caught on to who he was due to his mistake of accidentally leaving behind his previously severed head inside his helmet after the motorcycle accident. Their leader shot at Nakamura in order to capture him, but Yūsuke covered him and took the bullet instead.
Shocked by his friend death, Nakamura started to manifest a Black Ghost (IBM) but was shot in the head at that moment. While the group was getting ready to capture him, numerous of Nakamura's IBMs materialized and killed everyone from the Demi-Human control commission. After his revival, Nakamura realizes what had happened and while apologizing to Yūsuke he was somehow able to hear his friend's will telling him to run away.
In the aftermath, he finds that the entire incident was covered up and his identity and face were not disclosed: probably to prevent a similar situation from happening again. He is last seen taking a cab to the station, where he tells the driver to "drive safe," as they "only live once, after all... For the most part".



Shinya's best friend, who attended the same university as Shinya. It is shown several times that Yūsuke deeply cares for Shinya, for example when he prevented him from getting run over by an upcoming car by grabbing his hand. He also quickly noticed that Shinya was acting strange and was concerned for him when he wouldn't tell him what was wrong. Yūsuke didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that Shinya was an Ajin and took a bullet for him, which ultimately led to his death. Shinya seemed to be greatly saddened by his friend's death as he ran away.

Abilities and Powers[]

Shinya possess many of the basic powers of a normal Ajin, with the exception that he is able to amass an incomprehensible amount of Unknown Matter and intern dozens of Black Ghosts, each deadly in their own right.

Immortality- The defining trait of all Ajin, Shinya survived a motorbike crash that decapitated him and dismembered his arm, yet regenerated completely. He also revived after being shot.

Ajin Scream- While he has never been shown to use it, it can be assumed that like all Ajin, Shinya is capable of using his voice to paralyse everyone around him. This can be countered however by wearing ear protection, and the effects are less apparent if the victim isn't aware that the user is an Ajin.


Shinya's IBM

Like many other Ajin, Shinya is able to summon a large amount of unknown matter and form it into a Black Ghost, or IBM as the government refers to them. Shinya's IBM is rather simple in shape, with a lanky, human like body and a large dome head, the only distinguishing feature being a large hole where the face should be. Shinya, however, was the source of all caution and special action during the capture of Ajin. This is because during Shinya's capture, he produced so much IBM that dozens of Black ghosts emerged, killing all of his capturers before disappearing. Referred to as "A Flood" by Ikuya Ogura, this occurs when a Demi-Human dies under extreme distress. So far Shinya and Kei are the only recorded cases of an Ajin causing A Flood of Black Ghosts in Japan.


  • His given name, Shinya (慎也) means "truthful one" while his surname, Nakamura (中村) is a common Japanese surname meaning "middle village".
  • Shinya, along with Kei Nagai, can summon several Black Ghosts at once.
  • Amusingly, the tissues that Yūsuke gave him had a Fashion Health advertisement on them.
  • It is possible that he doesn't have any parents, as he lives alone and when he was almost run over by a car, Yūsuke asked him if he should contact his aunt and uncle before the hospital instead of his parents.
  • As he lost his head in his initial motorcycle accident, the original Shinya is technically dead. Satou explains that decapitation with significant separation of the head from the body will result in a copy head being regenerated while the original dies.

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