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Gender Male
Occupations Soldier
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First Appearance Chapter 1
Episode 1
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The "Soldier of God" (otherwise known as Divine Warrior) was a soldier fighting in Africa and the first Ajin ever discovered.


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Little is know about the Soldier of God's appearance, but from the brief glimpse we got of him from chapter 0 it can be seen that he has dark skin and carried an AK47 assault rifle and pistol, as well as white army shorts and a bullet proof vest with an array of pockets for ammunition. On the other hand, in the anime, he is depicted as a Caucasian with a ballistic vest while wielding an M4 carbine.


Almost nothing is known about the Soldier of God's personality, but since he continued fighting as a soldier before his capture by the government, it can be assumed that he has some form of a call of duty.


Discovered 17 years ago, the Soldier of God was a soldier fighting in Africa before being killed in a war. However, due to him being an Ajin, he came back to life and continued fighting. This is how he earned the name Soldier of God by local people and he continued fighting until he was captured by some form of government (it is unknown which one). There they discovered that the accusations were in fact true and although they attempted to cover it up, the public eventually found out about the Ajin's existence. His current whereabouts are a mystery, and it is unknown what happened to him during the last 17 years since his capture.

In the anime, it is revealed that the US government took him in, as seen by the bag that they put him in, as it says in English: "Top Secret, Confidential, Property of USA".

Abilities and Powers[]

It can be assumed that the Soldier of God possesses all the basic powers of an Ajin. His IBM has yet to be seen.

Immortality: The defining characteristic of an Ajin, The Soldier is unable to die from anything.

Ajin Scream: Ajin are able to paralyse all those around them with their screams, however it is less effective if the victim is aware of the Ajin's powers beforehand.