Takeshi Kotobuki


Takeshi Kotobuki

Name Takeshi Kotobuki
Kanji 寿武
Rōmaji Takeshi Kotobuki
Status Unknown
Age 17
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red-Brown
Occupations Assumed student (former)
Voice Actor Sōma Saitō
First Appearance Chapter 28
Episode 16
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Takeshi Kotobuki (寿武 Kotobuki Takeshi) is an Ajin and Kaito's partner in jail.


Takeshi is a young man of average height. He has short, dark eyebrows and droopy eyes. He mostly has an indifferent expression. His hair is black, and cut short. He was only seen in his jail outfit. When he was last seen, his hand was in a sling and he had two plasters on both sides of his face.


Takeshi is usually indifferent to things around him, however he can be very irritable and vocal about his opinions on several occasions (telling Kaito to shut his mouth, saying that he's annoying, and the like). He also prefers to work alone for the most part and doesn't understand why Kaito is so devoted to Kei Nagai.


Kotobuki escaped the jail facility on August 6. However, he suddenly returned on his own volition two days later. He was then taken into questioning for a month in solitary confinement. The questioning, however, was proven to have no effect as he insisted on his ignorance, saying he was "outside by the time he noticed it". There was no evidence to hint how he escaped. It is suspected it was with the help of his Black Ghost, which the police know nothing about. The police decided to keep the case under wraps and pretend as if it never happened.



Kotobuki seems to dislike Kaito at the start, often insulting him and telling him to stay out of his business even after Kaito helped him, stating that he doesn't feel indebted to him. However, after the second fight in the jail, Takeshi's IBM helped Kaito by beating up the rest of the prisoners. Afterwards, Takeshi shared his cigarettes with Kaito and asks him about Kei Nagai. He later tells Kaito that if something happens to Kei and he needs to get out of there, to tell him so he can help him escape.

Kei NagaiEdit

Kei and Kotobuki have never met, but it is assumed that Kotobuki holds some sort of resentment towards Kei, based on his conversation with Kaito. He said that Kei just abandoned Kaito even after Kaito was in his aid. However, he also said if Kei is in danger and Kaito needs to rescue him, he will help him get out.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Takeshi's Black Ghost

Most of Takeshi's abilities as an Ajin were left ambiguous, however, it assumed he is immortal and can regenerate quickly. He is also able to see Black Ghosts and can summon one with the promient ability of flying with bird like wings.


  • His IBM is the only seen Black Ghost in the series that has wings.
  • His Ghost may be a representation for his want of freedom as wings and birds are seen as symbol for freedom and his first scene chronologically is him breaking out of prison.

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