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Name Yūsuke
Kanji 祐介
Rōmaji Yūsuke
Status Deceased
Age Late teens to early 20's
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black (Manga)

Brown (Anime)

Occupations College student (former)
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Voice Actor Takuya Eguchi
First Appearance Chapter 0
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Yūsuke (祐介, Yūsuke) was a college student and Shinya Nakamura's best friend. He makes an appearance in the prologue, chapter 0.


Yūsuke was a young man with short, spiky black hair and black eyes. He also had thick eyebrows. Yūsuke was seen wearing a button-up shirt and jeans.


Yūsuke was a kind and caring individual, sacrificing himself for his best friend and being constantly in his aid. He saved Shinya's life twice; once when he was about to get hit by a car, and once when Shinya was about to get shot. He was also very perceptive, quickly noticing that something was wrong with Shinya.


It is shown in the manga that he knew Shinya since they were children and often played baseball and other games with him. They attended the same university later on in life.
In the anime, he is shown being an attentive student and writing class notes for Shinya when he missed them.
In chapter 46, it is revealed that his body was transported to Maryland, USA, for experiments. It is said that his cause of death was cardiac arrest, with bullet holes and blood stains on his clothes. However, on the autopsy, it is revealed that his body was clear of any bullet holes. It is explained by one of the doctors (who is also an Ajin) that the gunshot was healed, but he couldn't reach the point of being revived.

Yūsuke's body.

In other words, it is said that Yūsuke was "on the threshold" of becoming a demi-human. In the US, there have been five reported threshold cases, two of them being sighted in the vicinity of a "flood" (the production of many IBM's at once). It is unknown if Yūsuke would be able to revive if he was given resuscitation.


Shinya Nakamura[]

It is assumed that Shinya was Yūsuke's best friend. They have known each other since childhood and later attended the same college. It is shown several times that Yūsuke deeply cares for Shinya, and would go to great lengths just to protect him; saving him from an upcoming car is a major example. He also quickly noticed that Shinya was acting strange and was concerned for him when he wouldn't tell him what was wrong. Yūsuke didn't seem to be bothered by the fact that Shinya was an Ajin and took a bullet for him, which ultimately led to his death. Shinya seemed to be greatly saddened by his friend's death as he ran away.


  • The kanji used in his name (祐介) mean "help, mediate".
  • His relationship with Shinya seems to be somewhat paralleling to Kei's relationship with Kaito.