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Rōmaji Yuki
Status Alive
Age 17 (assumed)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Occupations High school student
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Voice Actor N/A
First Appearance Chapter 8
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Yuki (ユキ Yuki) was Keisuke Nakajima's girlfriend.


Yuki is a girl of average height. She has long, black hair that is parted in the middle. She also has big dark eyes with long eyelashes. She was seen wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans as well as a dress with a jean jacket.


Yuki is a compassionate girl to those she cares about. She is very academic and takes her studies seriously, in contrast to Keisuke, who cares little about studying. At first, she seems to be supportive of Keisuke and his concern for Kei Nagai, but eventually gets fed up as he spends more time trying to help him rather than studying with her despite planning on going to the same college. For this reason, she decides to break up with him and calls him an idiot while he leaves.


She is Keisuke Nakajima's ex-girlfriend as well as a fellow classmate. She, along with Keisuke were planning on attending the same college after they leave high school. Keisuke promises her to study every day for the mock examinations with her. However, ever since Kei Nagai was discovered as an Ajin, Keisuke couldn't concentrate on his test and did poorly.

Afterwards, Yuki decides to meet up with Keisuke and breaks up with him after leaving her alone in the study place every single time. He is taken aback and she tells him that she'd rather go and concentrate on her studies.


  • Yuki , when written as 雪, means "snow".